Corrosion Behavior of Friction Stir Welded of Similar and Dissimilar Al2024-T3 and Al7075-T73 Alloys

Muna K Muna K. Abbass, Rana A Anaee, Mahamed M Jabar


In this research, corrosion behavior of base Al-alloys (2024-T3 and 7075-T73), similar welded and dissimilar welded alloys were investigated in seawater (3.5% NaCl solution) at room temperature by Potentiostat. Corrosion parameters were measured including corrosion potential, corrosion current densities and Tafel slopes. The results of corrosion resistance indicated that the base alloys have corrosion resistance more than for stir welded others due to constituent particles and secondary phases which formed during stir welding that act as active regions to increase pits leading to accelerate corrosion in seawater. Dissimilar welded Al2024-T3/Al7075-T73 exhibits more tendency to corrosion compared with galvanic coupling of the same alloys. The corrosion potential and corrosion current density of dissimilar welded Al2024-T3/Al7075-T73 were -793.7 mV and 5.32 μ respectively, while galvanic coupling had potential equal to -653 mV with current density of 1.0025 μ It was also shown that the corrosion rate of dissimilar weld was lower than that of similar welds of Al2024-T3 and Al7075-T73.

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