Preparation and Characterization of Sol–Gel Pure Hydroxyapatite Coating on Titanium Alloy Surface

Sarah Hussein, Mohsin Talib Mohammed


Surface coatings of titanium (Ti) and its alloys with bioceramic materials are one of the main surface modification techniques used for developing different properties required for biomedical applications like mechanical strength, biocompatibility, wear resistance and corrosion behavior. In this work, pure HA coating was prepared and deposited successfully on the surface of new metastable β-Ti alloy by sol-gel method. Different surface examinations of coated substrate were carried out such as thickness measurement, morphology and phase transformations, and compared to uncoated substrate. Furthermore, micro-hardness and wear properties of uncoated and coated substrates were evaluated. The results displayed that the pure HA film has nano-scale structure with better hardness and wear behaviors than uncoated substrate.

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