Multi Agent Cooperative Negotiation Approach for Large Scale Cellular Network Cluster Performance Improvement

Megha Kamble


A Multi-agent framework to implement hybrid channel allocation (HCA) for cellular network is proposed in the paper. The framework is consisting of agents ported at base stations in cells in cellular network. These agents are negotiating for the resources from common pool in two phases. In first phase, it is seen that static resource should be utilized to maximum extent instead of borrowing dynamic resource and keeping static resource free. In second phase, dynamic resource already allocated to moderate traffic cell, is retained for hot cell. The objective of the second phase is to allocate the resource from available common scarce resources to needy hot cell so as to reduce failure rate as well as maintain QoS of overall network. The evaluation is conducted on benchmark data sets from literature for uniform as well as nonuniform traffic scenario. The results demonstrated enhancement in performance index and stability of degree of coldness of hot as well as cold cell.

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