Computer-Based Radiological Laboratory Diagnosis System

Esiefarienrhe Bukohwo Michael, Amuche Amuche Anthonia


It is the responsibility of every government to provide efficient healthcare services to its citizens. This enormous responsibility cannot be attained if the diagnoses system for ailment is not fully developed. To facilitate an efficient diagnosis system, this paper seeks to present a prototype designed for radiological diagnosis using images. The system enable the radiological images of a patient to be compared with existing images from a robust image database for a match using the images sizes and extracted graphics features thus making search and diagnosis of ailment accuracy and efficient. The methodology used in this research is the Object Oriented approach. The system design involved the use of UML Use Case diagram and the Data Flow Diagram. Java Programming Language was used to develop the radiographic diagnosis system  and Java Server pages (JSP) as the front end technology while Enterprise JavaBean business logic was used for the coding. The backend was developed using MYSQL relational database. The databases were constructed from the images available at the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe. The results from test implementation show that efficiency, speed and accuracy can be achieved in both diagnosis and recommended treatment to patients.

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