Comparative Analysis of FR4 and RT-duroid Materials Antenna for Wireless Application

Muralidhar Kisan Bhanarkar, Ganesh Balbhim Waghmare, Ashpak Jamil Nadaf, Prakash Madhukar Korake


The study of the effect of dielectric material is carried out in this paper. FR4 with 4.4 and RT-duroid with 2.2 as a dielectric permittivity are considered for the comparative study. The Y-shaped  antenna is designed and simulated with IE3D method of moment software. A fundamental parameter like return loss, VSWR, gain, radiation pattern, radiation efficiency is analyzed. Y-shaped patch antenna based on FR4 and RT-duroid as materials have been optimized good characteristics at 2.25 GHz and 2.4 GHz respectively.

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