Optimal location of UPFC in power system using multi-objective GAPSO hybrid algorithm

pinki yadav


This paper elaborates a multi objective GAPSO hybrid algorithm that is used to solve non linear power system optimization problem to find optimal location of UPFC. The technical objective functions are to minimize the power losses, reduce the voltage deviation and to maximize the net saving energy cost by considering cost for energy loss and the cost related to UPFC. GA algorithm technique is a simple search algorithm and provides better performance but believes in space searching. PSO converges fast but sometimes moves slowly in local optima. Combination of GA & PSO gives a new algorithm called GAPSO hybrid that provides advantage of both the techniques. GAPSO hybrid algorithm is used to solve the multi-objective function with all equality and inequality constraint. Simulations are performed on IEEE-14 and IEEE-30 bus system for normal loading condition with UPFC modeled in steady state and the results validate the puissance of the proposed approach.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1000/ijses.v2i3.69

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