Review on WSN Based Outdoor Air Pollution Monitoring System

Muralidhar K Bhanarkar, Sagar M Godase, Prakash M Korake, Vaijanath V Navarkhele


Air Pollution exists as critical environmental issue for every country and countrymen; globally it impacts on the economy, ecosystem, and cultural heritage. To prevent unpleasant changes in Air Quality as well as monitoring of air pollution is crucially necessary. This type of monitoring is possible using Wireless Sensor Network Systems. The amount of  six common Air Pollutant CO, O3, SO2, VOC, PM ( Particulate Materials), NO2, CO2 etc. able to sensed by the WSN system from targeted area monitoring. This paper attempts to provide a review of such outdoor deployed networked systems which dedicatedly designed and to present a new solution to future Wireless Networks for effective implementation and better performance.


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