Protecting Transmission Line With Series Capacitor, a New Innovative Method

ebrahim faraji


Transmission lines that are protected by distance relays are faced limits in the presence of series compensation. When the error loop includes series capacitors, the present impedance is reduced by distance relay. The level of compensation at any moment depends on the number of connected capacitors in that time. So having information about the level of compensation on the transmission line is essential for understanding the proper function of distance relay. Reconciling adjustments in numerical relays using gathered information will be possible through communication systems. PMU is electrical equipment that amplitude and phase's voltage and current with high speed and accuracy of a microsecond with rings implemented for proposed method of both small and large prototype systems. The results show that the proposed method estimates the percentage of compensation transmission line with an acceptable accuracy. The distance relay settings are modified according to system conditions, so various errors would be corrected and relay works properly.

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