Stabilization and Correction of Geotechnical Properties of Sandy Soil Using Polymer Slurry

mohammad arfaei


The aim of this study is to improve the mechanical and geotechnical properties of sand. Because one of the main problems of sand is its low resistance under normal humidity conditions and saturation, a laboratory study was carried out to evaluate the effect of adding polyvinyl alcohol polymer in order to improve the geotechnical properties of sand.  The results also showed that by increasing the percentage of polymer samples, CBR resistance increases significantly so that in polymer samples with 0.5 wt%, the CBR rose to 185; this amount is more than 7.5 times stronger than CBR in soil without additives. According to the solubility of above polymer in water, cement was used for protection against scour the polymer mixture. The results of direct shear tests showed that the addition of polymers has also generated a significant increase in shear strength of samples. In this case, the sudden brittle fracture was observed in the soil.

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