Two-dimensional meshless analysis methods for geotechnical s stone structures

mohammad arfaei


In this paper, a rocky slope with horizontal joints and without elements is analyzed and displacement and stress are calculated in the elastic mode. The slope of problem is determined by regular nodes. Calculation of functions for each node point has been possible   by interpolation method. To enhance the accuracy of the answers and avoid the matrix singularity in torque radial basis functions, polynomial matrix also has been added. The governing equations of the potential energy are achieved from the system itself. After determining the shape and differentiation of matrix, B strain is calculated by a matrix strain and elastic coefficient matrix and then the stiffness matrix would be calculated. Integration method was used to calculate the stiffness matrix by Gauss - Legendre procedure. By calculating the energy matrix and application of boundary conditions, the issue of displacement values is calculated at each node and tension. In order to verify the obtained results, we solved two examples and compared their answers.

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